Roland CutStudio Software for Windows


Roland’s powerful CutStudio software provides the necessary tools to design and create professional custom cut graphics for a wide range of applications, including signs, decorated apparel, vehicles, point-of-purchase materials, back-lit displays and much more.

Additional Note:  Software and clip art sales are final and nonrefundable.  Please make sure that the product selected will meet your needs and is compatible with your vinyl cutter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-330-6172.

The following information covers the supported Roland Cutter, Applications and Platforms that will work with the Roland CutStudio software and CutStudio Plug-ins.


*Current Cutter (CAMM-1) Products:

  • GX-24 (Software is bundled with new units)
  • GX-300/400/500 (Software is bundled with new units)
  • SV-8/12/15 (Software is bundled with new units)

*Legacy Cutter (CAMM-1) Products:
(PNC and CM machines are Windows XP compatible only. CX machines are Windows XP and Vista (32bit) compatible only.)

  • CX-12/24
  • CX-300/400/500
  • SX-8/12/15
  • STX-7/8
  • CM-12/24
  • CM-300/400/500
  • PNC-900/910/950/960/1000/1000A/1050/1100
  • PNC-1200/1210/1410/1800/1850/1860
  • PNC-1600/1610/1900/1910

(OS9 or higher on which Adobe Illustrator CC2014/CC/CS6/CS5/CS4 is supported/installed)

Current Cutter (CAMM-1) Products:

  • GX-24 (Software is bundled with unit)
  • GX-300/400/500 (Software is bundled with unit)
  • SV-8/12/15 (Software is bundled with unit)

Legacy Cutter (CAMM-1) Products:

  • NONE Supported


Windows Platform:

  • Corel versions 10/11/12/X3/X4/X5/X6/X7
  • Adobe Illustrator versions CC204/CC/CS6/CS5/CS4

Macintosh Platform:

  • Adobe Illustrator versions CC204/CC/CS6/CS5/CS4


  • Any commercially available printer which has a Windows or Adobe PostScript print driver.
  • Roland CutStudio or Adobe Illustrator CC204/CC/CS6/CS5/CS4 (with CutStudio Plug-in installed).
  • GX-24/GS-24 Supports via 3 point optical registration.
  • GX-Pro Series Supports via 4 point optical registration.
  • SV Series Supports via manual registration (done when cut file is sent after printing).


*Requires installation of the Windows Print (CAMM-1, CAMM-1 Pro or STIKA) Driver in order to function properly.  The ports supported on the Windows platform are (COM, LPT and USB).