ThermoSport: The Ultimate Heat Transfer Vinyl for High-Performance Athletic Apparel

Elevate your athletic apparel designs with ThermoSport, the innovative heat transfer vinyl engineered specifically for high-performance sportswear. This durable, thick film is designed to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys, making it the perfect choice for creating eye-catching numbers and names on the back of jerseys.

Key Features of ThermoSport

1. Versatile Application: ThermoSport is ideal for use on cotton, uncoated polyester, mesh, and poly-blend fabrics, excluding nylon.
2. Quick, Low-Temperature Pressing: Designed for pressing quickly at low temperatures (300°-320°F), ThermoSport is perfect for polyester sports garments.
3. Dye Migration and Abrasion Resistance: This product resists both dye migration and abrasion, ensuring your designs maintain their vibrant appearance over time.
4. 15 High-Energy Athletic Colors: Choose from a range of 15 popular sport colors with a semi-gloss finish to create eye-catching designs.
5. Easy Cutting and Application: ThermoSport is easy to cut using a 45° blade and can be peeled warm or cold, making application a breeze.

Why Choose ThermoSport?

When you need a heat transfer vinyl that can withstand the rigors of high-performance athletic wear, ThermoSport is the clear choice. Its durability, resistance to dye migration and abrasion, and vibrant color options make it the go-to HTV for creating stunning, long-lasting designs on mesh jerseys and other athletic apparel. Experience the difference of ThermoSport and take your sportswear designs to the next level.