Swing-Away Presses

Work Smarter, Not Harder with the Hotronix Fusion IQ and Air Fusion IQ

The Hotronix Fusion has become even smarter with the addition of the Fusion IQ. This one-of-a-kind heat press allows for operation with both a draw or swing press, providing 100% access to the entire 16" x 20" lower platen for easy and precise placement and positioning.

The Hotronix Air Fusion IQ, in either the table top or pedestal version, simplifies heat pressing with just two push-buttons and a pedal. It automatically adjusts pressure based on item thickness, with up to four time and pressure settings. Its web-based portal enables real-time performance tracking, job monitoring, and self-diagnostic capabilities. The Hotronix Air Fusion IQ is the most advanced and user-friendly heat press on the market today.