*You may only use one reward per order

Rewards Program Questions

Q.  How soon are purchase points added to my Rewards account?

A.  Points for purchases are added to your Rewards account 24 hours after the order is marked as "Shipped" in our system.


Q.   Can everyone participate in the Rewards Program?

A.  All customers can join our free Rewards Program.  The only exception are resellers and bulk purchase customers that are receiving discounts on all orders.


Q.  Where do I leave a Google My Business Review?

A.  You can leave us a review by clicking this link:  Google Review

We will post your points to your Rewards account within 24 hours.   If you don't use your name in the Google post for identification, please email us after posting so we can add the points to the proper account.


Q.  Do Reward Points expire?

A.  Reward points will expire 6 months after they are awarded so don't forget to use them!  We will send you an email reminder letting you know that your points are expiring soon.