Roland VersaStudio BN2-20 Series

Take your printing capabilities to the next level with the new VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series by Roland DG. Roland has taken a great thing and made it even better, offering faster print speeds, convenient new features, and an effortless user experience. The BN2 Series printer/cutter's compact and space-saving design allows for easy placement in your home, office, or shop.

Experience professional-grade printing and cutting functionality, allowing for a wide range of applications including apparel decorating, sign making, and more. With faster print speeds, you can enhance your productivity without compromising on quality. Roland's affordable pricing makes the BN2 Series suitable for start-ups and smaller businesses.

Even if you have no prior printing experience, the Roland VersaSTUDIO BN2-20 and BN2-20A are incredibly user-friendly. Their feature-filled and intuitive design ensures smooth operations from start to finish. Plus, Roland provide you with top-notch output software to further enhance your printing experience.

Don't let limited space hold you back - the compact size of the Roland BN2-20 and BN2-20A is perfect for print environments with limited space. Get everything you need to start your professional print and cut graphics production with the new BN2 Series.