Graphtec CE7000-130 AKZ 50" Vinyl Cutter for Window Tint & Paint Protection Film


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The Graphtec CE7000-130 AKZ is a professional grade vinyl cutter plotter engineered specifically for the aftermarket automotive industry. With its extra wide cutting width of 50 inches and cutting speeds up to 39 inches per second, the CE7000-130 AKZ delivers unrivaled performance for quickly producing window tint, paint protection film, paint masking, pinstriping, and vinyl graphics.

Key Features:

  • Extra-wide 50" maximum media width easily handles wide rolls of film
  • Fast 39 inches per second maximum cutting speed
  • Powerful 450 grams of downforce cleanly cuts through thick films
  • Open software platform provides flexibility and choice of design apps
  • Convenient Ethernet connectivity and thumb drive port
  • Includes heavy-duty stand for stability and anti-static kit

Top Benefits:

  • Specially modified for demanding automotive aftermarket applications
  • Cuts window tint, paint protection film, paint mask, pinstriping, and vinyl films with ease
  • Fast cutting speeds and tracking up to 15 feet long accelerates workflow
  • High downforce cuts cleanly through thicker paint protection films
  • Allows exact blade adjustment for flawless cutting of delicate tint films
  • Compatible with industry software for seamless integration into your shop
  • Sturdy stand and anti-static kit provide stable, trouble-free performance
  • Dual media catch basket enables clean, continuous unattended operation

The Graphtec CE7000-130 AKZ vinyl cutter packs the precision, speed and power needed to elevate your aftermarket automotive restyling output. With specialty features designed for tint, paint protection film, vinyl graphics and more, this purpose-built cutter will maximize your shop's productivity and profits.

What's Included with the Graphtec CE7000-130 AKZ Specialty Vinyl Cutter:
  • Heavy duty floor stand with media roll rack
  • Dual Front and back media baskets
  • Anti-static kit
  • Power cord and USB cable
  • Blade holder and specialty tint blade
  • Blade loupe (magnifier) to easily see the blade to make length adjustments
  • Software: Graphtec Studio 2 design software (Win/Mac), Cutting Master 5 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator (Win/Mac) and CorelDraw (Win), and a Windows Driver for other programs like AutoCAD, etc.
  • Printed documents including Setup Manual, Cutting Blade Manual, and Safety Manual
  • Graphtec Standard Warranty:  2 Years Parts & Labor with online registration
  • Free freight in the continental USA.
  • 5295 Reward points worth over $100 that can be used towards anything in our store

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Return Policy:  This vinyl cutter is not returnable.  Please make sure that the Graphtec CE7000-130 AKZ vinyl cutter meets your needs prior to placing an order.  Questions?  please feel free to contact us by phone, chat, or email.