Seal It Pen - Vinyl Edge Sealer

SealIt Pen

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The Seal It vinyl graphic edge sealer pen provides protection to vinyl applications from washing, polishing and excessive handling.  Each Seal It Pen is filled with ONE SHOT brand 4005 UV blocker clear acrylic for a fast drying, long lasting edge seal.

Seal It Pen sealer is compatible with all pressure sensitive vinyls, SignGold, and both thermal and digital prints.

  • Not recommended for use on products that come into contact with food or drink.
  • No returns will be accepted for this item.

  • Press tip on flat surface for 15-30 seconds to prime
  • Occasionally re-press tip to moisten
  • Use chisel tip for wide stroke, bullet tip for fine line.
  • Allow 30-60 minutes drying time
  • Close cap tightly when not in use
  • Clean up dry excess sealer with mineral spirits