Action Tac Application Fluid


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ACTION TAC® application fluid is designed to help with the alignment of pressure sensitive vinyl graphics.  Spray Action Tac onto the substrate prior to vinyl application and it will allow the graphic to be repositioned for up to 10-20 seconds before it evaporates and allows the adhesive on the vinyl to stick.

Bottle Size:  32 ounces with a trigger sprayer

  • Less agressive than other brands
  • Will not damage transfer tape and cause separation
  • Works with all grades of vinyl
  • Works well as a prep and cleaning agent also
  • Less clean-up residue
  • No harmful odors
  • Made in the USA

  1. Clean surface with Action Tac.
  2. Place lettering (copy) on surface.
  3. Remove backing then spray surface with Action Tac.
  4. Lay and copy wet surface and squeegee down.
  5. After 1 minute (approx.) saturate tape, squeegee once more.
  6. Carefully remove transfer tape, pull down at 45 degrees.
  7. Complete transfer by wiping area dry.