ORAJET 3164 Economy Gloss Printable Vinyl - 20" x 10 Yds.


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When it comes to finding the perfect economy digital media for your printing needs, ORAJET 3164 Soft Calendered PVC digital print media stands out in a league of its own. This versatile printable vinyl offers a unique combination of durability, print quality, and price making it ideal for a wide range of short term applications.

Whether you're looking to create vibrant signage, eye-catching banners, or stunning vehicle graphics, the ORAJET 3164 printable vinyl from Orofol has you covered. Sized to fit the Roland VersaSTUDIO BN and BN2 Series printers perfectly.

ORAJET 3164 Digital Print Media Specifications:

  • Roll size: 20" x 10 yards (30 feet)
  • Vinyl technology: Calendered PVC
  • Acceptable printing technologies: solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV inkjet
  • Thickness: 4.0 mil (4/1000")
  • Color: White
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Outdoor durability: 4 years
  • Adhesive: clear water-based permanent
  • Liner: 83# PE coated silicone paper
  • Conformability: flat or simple curves
  • Laminate: Cold
  • Recommended laminating film: Oraguard 210
  • Wet apply: No
  • Minimum application temp: 50° F

Not for use in laser, sublimation, or inkjet printers.

Ensure optimal storage and processing conditions for ORACAL®, ORAJET®, ORALITE®, ORAGUARD®, ORABOND®, and ORAMOUNT® products. Store rolls upright with provided roll blocks, in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight. Maintain 50-60% humidity and 64-72°F temperature. Use lint-free gloves when handling digital printing materials, and check surface quality before printing. Match media with the recommended laminate for longer lifespan, and allow prints to dry for at least 24 hours at 70°F (preferably 48-72 hours) before applying laminate. Avoid trimming or plotting directly through ink within 24 hours to prevent edge curling, and allow inks to dry for 24 hours at 70°F (preferably 48-72 hours) before trimming or plotting. For further assistance, contact Orafol Americas Product Technical Support at 1-888-672-2251, ext.168 or 176.