Lumina 3400 Series Holographic Printable Vinyl - 20" x 50 Yds

Lumina by Fdc

SKU: 3400-2050-007
This is a 30" wide roll cut down to 20". The leftover 10" will be sent along with the order.

Experience stunning holographic effects with the Lumina 3400 Series Holographic Vinyl Film. This innovative printable vinyl film adds an exciting, color-shifting appearance to any print project. Use the Lumina 3400 vinyl to create eye-catching designs on vehicles, retail displays, products, crafts and more. Sized to fit the Roland BN/BN2 Series VersaSTUDIO printer/cutters.

The Lumina 3400 Series Holographic adhesive vinyl can also be cut on a vinyl cutter, without printing, if desired. Made in the USA.

Lumina 3400 Series Holographic Vinyl Specifications:

  • Roll Size: 20" x 50 yards (150 feet). This is a 30" wide roll slit down to 20" wide. The leftover 10" cut section will be sent along with the order. There is an acceptable cut variance of +/- .25".
  • Thickness: 6.0 mil. (6/1000")
  • Color: Unicorn 
  • Finish: Gloss holographic
  • Outdoor durability: 1-year
  • Accepted printing technologies: Solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV inkjet, thermal transfer, and screen printing
  • Adhesive: Acrylic, permanent
  • Light blockout: No
  • Wet apply: Yes
  • Laminate: Cold
  • Minimum application temperature: 50° F
  • Notice: The vinyl has a repeating, lightly visible, line down the entire length of the roll every 12". This is an inherent quality of most holographic films.

Not for laser, sublimation, or standard water-based ink printers.