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Digital Stock Art volumes 1-4 are collections of high quality digital artwork created by Great Dane Graphics for UniNet iColor.  Each volume contains 500 full-color and royalty fee stock images that are ready to go for your iColor or OKI laser printer.  The images can also be customized to suit your needs by adding type, logos and changing colors.  The images are perfect for all formats of digital printing including heat transfer, dye-sublimation, large format and more.

Each volume includes a physical soft cover book showing image pictures and a USB memory stick that contains a PDF file of the images for viewing and all 500 images saved as 14" high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds.  The images are Mac and PC compatible and can easily be imported into Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, iColor ProRIP and Forever TransferRIP software.

Review the images included in each volume of the Digital Stock Art collection (large PDF files):

Review Volume 1 images
Review Volume 2 images
Review Volume 3 images
Review Volume 4 images

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