3G JET-OPAQUE Inkjet Transfer Paper - 11" x 17"

Neenah Coldenhove

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3G JET-OPAQUE inkjet transfer paper from Neenah Paper are designed for transferring ink jet images to dark or other colored garments and substrates. The product contains an opaque layer to hide the color of the substrate and allow for photo-quality transfers. This product can be cut with a vinyl cutter, die and kiss-cut. Substrates include: T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, puzzles, and leather goods. Choose garments that have a tight weave.  Made in the USA.

3G JET-OPAQUE heat transfer paper can be used on the following materials:

Recommended for Dark colored fabrics.  Applies to cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends.  Choose garments that have a tight weave.  This is particularly important when transferring to sweatshirts.

Sheet Size: 11" x 17"
Overlay Sheets: Includes approximately one reusable cover sheet for each four transfer papers ordered.

Important Storage Information to Prevent Humidity Related Issues

The transfer papers need to be stored and sealed in the provided zip-lock bag when not in use to protect them against excess humidity. If the paper absorbs too much humidity from the air, its ability to absorb water-based inks is lessened which can result in ink bleed, splotchy transfers, and adhesion issues. Neenah Paper recommends that the work area be maintained at 45-55% relative humidity for optimal results. If humidity levels in your area are very high or you won't be using up the transfer paper pack within a week or two, we would also recommend that you purchase some silica gel desiccant packs to put inside the zip lock bag along with the paper.

Another tip to counter the humidity issue is to perform a 10-15 second repress with a parchment paper to cure the ink. This should be performed after the initial press has been allowed to completely cool. Lastly, allow at least 48 hours before the first wash cycle.

We cannot guarantee the quality of transfer papers that have not been stored properly in humid conditions.

Wait 24 hours before first wash, Turn shirt inside out, Machine wash warm with mild detergent, Dry at normal setting, No chlorine bleach, Do not dry clean

Note: Because of the wide variety of fabrics and garment manufacturers that exist, we highly recommend that this product be fully tested prior to going into production.