RTape ApliTape 4000 Low-Tack Tape - 50 Yd. Roll


SKU: 2602-XX15-001
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RTape ApliTape 4000 is a standard paper application tape with a low tack rubber adhesive.  It's easy to unroll and apply by either hand or machine.  RTape ApliTape 4000 releases, tears, and cuts cleanly with no build up of tackiness over time.  Uses include application of large graphics, removable wall graphics such as the Lumina 4301 Series, screen printing and digital graphics.  It can also be used as a protective layer for metal signs, sign faces, and digital prints.

RTape ApliTape 4000 Specifications:

  • Composition: Paper
  • Tack: Low
  • Liner: No
  • Color: White
  • Adhesive: Clear rubber-based
  • Thickness: 4.5 mils (4.5/1000")
  • Laminate: Yes, Cold
  • Wet apply: No
  • Shelf life: 1-year
  • Minimum application temp: 40° F