RTape 4075RLA Conform Application Tape - 100 Yd. Roll


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RTape 4075RLA Conform application tape with RLA (Release Liner Adhesion) is a high tack transfer tape that adheres to slick release liners and lays flat with no tunneling or edge curling.  Graphics will stay neater and cleaner, even when rolled or stacked.  The rolls are razor slit at the factory so there are no crushed edges or gapping between layers.  RTape 4075RLA can be applied either wet or dry.  It's a great choice for small to medium sized vinyl or printed graphics.

RTape 4075RLA Conform Application Tape Specifications:

  • Composition: Paper
  • Adhesive: Clear rubber with RLA
  • Color: Off white, semi-translucent
  • Thickness: 4.1 mils (4.1/1000")
  • Roll length: 100 yards (300 feet)
  • Wet Apply: Yes
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Minimum application temperature: 40° F
  • Usage: Interior and exterior