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ChromaFuse DTF Powder is a high quality direct to film adhesive powder that is sold exclusively by Specialty Graphics Supply.  Pair it with our ChromaFuse DTF Film or another film brand to produce high quality, vibrant, prints. Adheres to a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and blends. Ships in a resealable bag to keep out moisture.


  • Bag Size: 1 Lb.
  • Powder measures 80-100 microns in size
  • Resealable bag
  • Left over powder is reusable

General application and curing instructions:

Apply powder liberally to the ink print.  Shake off extra and return to the sealed bag.  Powder curing time can vary depending on the heat press or curing tunnel temperature.  Properly cured powder will have a rubbery look and feel. From our own tests, we found that the powder cures properly in about 4 minutes at 325-350°F.  We found it easiest to loosen the pressure knob all the way on a manual heat press so it "hovers" over the bottom platen and the curing powder by about an inch or so.

Proper Handling Warning:  Use this product in well ventilated areas to limit exposure to fumes. Practice safe storage and handling procedures to prevent the fine powder from going airborne where it can be inhaled. Use of a quality particulate breathing respirator and skin protection, such as gloves and long sleeves, are highly recommended.