Vinyl Roll Splices

Master rolls of vinyl end at some point. To prevent material waste, vinyl rolls may be spliced by us or by the manufacturer.  Roll splices are random occurrences and may be present in any roll of vinyl and from any manufacturer.  Roll splices are not considered to be a defect in the material.

If a roll contains a splice made by us, the presence of the splice will be indicated on a sticker adhered to the roll and an extra foot of material has been provided to compensate.  A blue piece of tape will indicate the splice's location in the roll.  A roll will have a maximum of one splice in it.

Roll splices made by a manufacturer will vary depending on the manufacturer's splicing policy but most vendors also indicate the presence of the splice and it's location in the roll.  Most vendors provide between 1 - 3 feet of extra material to compensate for the splice.