T.Seal Laser Transfer Finishing Sheet - 11.7" x 16.5"


Sheets are sold individually.
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The T.Seal Finishing Sheet helps to extend the life, feel, and washability of white toner laser prints by pressing the toner down into the weave and fibers of the fabric.  Use it as a final press after the laser transfer has been applied to the tshirt or garment.  T.Seal sheets works great with FOREVER Laser Dark and UNINET IColor transfer papers.

T.Seal Finishing Sheet Specifications

  • Lasts for 350-500 presses
  • Sheet Size:  11.7" x 16.5" (A3 international paper size) 
  • Not to be used in place of a PTFE or siliconized cover sheet.
  • Do not use with polymer (CP) toners
  • Do not use with sublimation, inkjet, solvent, or eco-solvent inks
  • Replace when both sides of the T.Seal sheet are worn down and smooth

How to Use a T.Seal Finishing Sheet

  • Press and peel your laser transfer using the manufacturer's instructions and let cool.
  • Place the T.Seal sheet over the applied image with the rubbery side down.
  • Press for 30 seconds at 270-290° F using heavy pressure.
  • Do not exceed 300° F.  Excess temperatures will cause the T.Seal sheet to degrade quickly.
  • Open the heat press, wait a moment, and then peel the T.Seal sheet off slowly starting from one side of the sheet.
  • Enjoy the softer feel and improved durability of your printed tshirt!