Stahls Hotronix Interchangeable Cap Platens

$80.00 - $275.00

Interchangeable cap platens for all Stahls Mighty Press, Stahls MAXX & Hotronix cap press models. Using the proper size platen will prevent caps from being stretched or wrinkled on platens that are the wrong size.

All Stahls, MAXX & Hotronix cap presses include the "Standard" 3.5" x 6" platen.

Platen Model Platen Size
Low Profile
(for caps or visors with small printing areas)
2.75" x 6.5"
Low Crown
(for caps with medium-sized printing areas)
3" x 5.75"
Full Profile
(for caps with full front crowns)
4" x 6.5"
Sub Foam
(for over-sized caps with large printing areas)
4" x 8.75"
(comes standard with all Stahls cap presses)
3.5" x 6"
Set of 4 Cap Platens
(includes Low Profile, Low Crown, Full Profile and Sub Foam)
2.75" x 6.5" 
3" x 5.75"
4" x 6.5"
4" x 8.75"

Please note that cap platens are a special order item that ship directly from Stahls Hotronix.  Special order items are not returnable.