Siser 12" Cutting Strip for Juliet

Siser North America

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The 12" Siser Cutting Strip for the Juliet cutter runs under the blade path.  The strip's job is to protect the machine and blade from mis-set blades that cut through the material and into the strip.  When the strip is worn out, cutting quality will degrade and uneven cuts will start to appear.  Restore your Juliet's cutting quality by replacing the cutting strip once it starts getting deep grooves cut into it.

Installation Instructions

  • Pry up the old cutter strip and discard
  • Lay the new strip down over the groove
  • Move the carriage head all the way to the right side of the cutter
  • Starting at the far left, push the end of the cutting strip down in the groove with your finger
  • Keep applying pressure to the cutting strip and slide your finger down to the other end until the entire strip has been pushed down into the groove.  There is no adhesive.