ORATAPE MT80P Application Tape Roll 12" By-The-Foot


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ORAFOL ORATAPE MT80A Application Tape Roll - 12" By-The-Foot

The ORATAPE MT80P Application Tape Series from Orafol is an excellent solution for hassle-free transfer of cut lettering and contour cut printed graphics. Its adhesive is uniquely formulated to work seamlessly with other ORAFOL products, ensuring a cohesive bond. This tape can securely adhere to graphics for over 6 months without causing any edge curling or adhesive problems, even on RapidAir release liners. Its transparent liner is siliconized and features a printed grid pattern that enhances precision while cutting sections. With its clear film and liner, it is ideal for pre-masking longer graphics with a laminator, making it effortless to align overlapping and oversized graphics.

Recommended for use with all ORAFOL ORAJET and non-textured ORACAL products.

Benefits of Using ORAFOL MT80P Application Tape:

  • Formulated to ensure compatibility with other ORAFOL products
  • Can securely attach to a graphic for over 6 months without causing edge curling or adhesive problems
  • Highly conformable to flat and curved items such as vehicles, tumblers, etc.
  • Facilitates effortless pre-masking of large graphics using a laminator
  • Enables easy alignment of overlapping or tiled sections
  • Enhances precision while cutting sections


  • Width: 12"
  • Length: Sold by-the-foot.  Enter the desired continuous length in the quantity box.
  • Tack level: Medium
  • Opacity: Clear, transparent
  • Liner: White #42 siliconized paper with printed grid pattern
  • Adhesive: Modified solvent polyacrylate
  • Shelf life: Two years