Hot Fix Rhinestones - Size SS20 - By the Ounce

SGS Private Label

$12.88 - $49.00

Quantity Discount

Qty. Price per unit
2 - 3 5%
4 - 5 10%
6 - 10 15%
11 25%
Price varies by color. Please select the desired color to see the quantity discount pricing above.
Enter the desired number of ounces in the quantity box. Mix and match colors to reach the quantity discounts.
Select Color
  • Crystal Crystal
  • Amethyst Amethyst
  • Aquamarine Aquamarine
  • Black Diamond Black Diamond
  • Blue Zircon Blue Zircon
  • Capri Blue Capri Blue
  • Citrine Citrine
  • Cobalt Cobalt
  • Emerald Emerald
  • Green Green
  • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Jet Hematite Jet Hematite
  • Jonquil Jonquil
  • Light Amethyst Light Amethyst
  • Light Aquamarine Light Aquamarine
  • Light Rose Light Rose
  • Light Sapphire Light Sapphire
  • Light Siam Light Siam
  • Light Topaz Light Topaz
  • Montana Montana
  • Orange Orange
  • Peach
  • Peridot Peridot
  • Pink Pink
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Sapphire Sapphire
  • Silver Hematite Silver Hematite
  • Smokey Topaz Smokey Topaz
  • Tanzanite Tanzanite
  • Topaz Topaz
  • AB Crystal AB Crystal
  • AB Amethyst AB Amethyst
  • AB Aquamarine AB Aquamarine
  • AB Cobalt AB Cobalt
  • AB Light Siam AB Light Siam
  • AB Peridot AB Peridot
  • AB Pink AB Pink
  • AB Sapphire AB Sapphire
  • AB Smokey Topaz AB Smokey Topaz
  • AB Topaz AB Topaz
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Our premium quality Korean SS20 hot fix rhinestones are offered by the ounce in a variety of popular colors.  Use the rhinestones along with standard heat transfer vinyl to make your apparel designs really pop and stand out above your competitors.  The adhesive on the rhinestones is the strong green/grey glue that is preferred by rhinestone designers. 

SS20 Hot-Fix Rhinestone Specifications:

  • SS20 rhinestones measure approximately 5.0mm in diameter.
  • There are approximately 700 rhinestones in a fluid ounce jar of SS20 rhinestones.
  • Shipped in reusable clear plastic jars of the appropriate size with screw on lids.  Full 100 gross bulk packs are available in bags only.
  • Low lead content.

Please Note: We offer our rhinestones by volume with the exception of the 100 gross bulk Crystal bags.  We do not count or weigh the rhinestones. The rhinestone count per ounce listed above is an only an approximation and is not a guarantee.  When estimating rhinestone quantities needed for jobs, it is alway better to estimate high because the actual rhinestone count may be slightly higher or lower depending on slight rhinestone size variances, amount of hot fix glue applied, etc. When packing orders, we fill the container up to the fill line indicated on the jar. Please be aware that some product settling may occur during shipping and handling.  One gross = 144 rhinestones.

Color Choices: The colors samples provided here may not be exact representations of the vinyl colors. Various factors such as monitor resolution, color settings and display type can all effect how the colors are viewed on the internet.

Jet Hematite
Jet Black
Black Diamond
Smokey Topaz
Light Topaz
Blue Zircon
Light Aquamarine
Capri Blue
Light Sapphire
Silver Hematite
Light Amethyst
Light Rose
Light Siam
AB Crystal
AB Smokey Topaz
AB Topaz
AB Peridot
AB Aquamarine
AB Sapphire
AB Cobalt
AB Pink
AB Amethsyt
AB Light Siam

Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends
10 - 20 seconds
Place a heat transfer cover sheet within the shirt to keep the glue from melting to the back side of the shirt
Medium, even pressure
Peel Cold
Machine wash warm with mild detergent, Dry at normal setting, No chlorine bleach, Suitable for dry cleaning

Note: Because of the wide variety of fabrics and garment manufacturers that exist, we highly recommend that this product be fully tested prior to going into production.