OKI/Crio 8432WDT Replacement Image Drum


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Genuine replacement image drums for your OKI Pro 8432WT or Crio 8432WDT white toner laser printer.  OKI products in the USA are being rebranded as Crio.  

The image drum is the part that the toner cartridge fits into.  It does not contain toner.  Typically the image drum will last for 2-3 toner cartridges before they need to be replaced.

Estimated Image Drum Life at 10% Page Coverage:

  • Black and White Image Drums: 9,000 pages
  • Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Image Drums: 30,000 pages

Please note: All OKI/Crio replacement image drum sales are final.  Please make sure the item meets your needs prior to placing an order.

Genuine replacement image drums for your OKI Data Pro8432WT white toner laser printer.  The OKI image drums are easy to replace and offers the vibrant, high definition color that you have come to expect from your OKI Pro8432WT laser printer.