Clean Cut Blade® Roland Zecu 60° Blade

Clean Cut Blade

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Clean Cut Blade® manufactures their Roland Zecu 60° blades in Waterloo, Iowa using their proprietary US made carbide steel brazed to a harden steel blank and then polished to a micro fine cutting edge.  Blades made by Clean Cut Blade® are renown to be sharper and last longer than OEM and cheap Chinese blades.

Since the blades made by Clean Cut Blade® are sharper, it is recommended that test cuts are performed prior to making final job cuts. In many instances, you may need to reduce the blade down pressure by as much as 10-20% to prevent cutting through the backing sheet and blade breakage.  Clean Cut Blade® offers many types of Roland style blades to fit any need or use.  Mix and Match Clean Cut Blade® varieties to take advantage of our quantity discount pricing.

Recommended Blade Use:

Thicker vinyl materials such as reflective, rhinestone template material, sand blast resist, flock and other similar thicker materials. Good for fine details.

Vinyl Cutter Compatibility:

Roland, GCC (2.0mm blade holder), Camm 1, US Cutter, P-Cut, Bridge, Panther, Stika, Allen Datagraph, Zecu, Creation, Rabbit, Lynx