Clean Cut Blade® Graphtec CB15U 1.5mm 45° Blade

Clean Cut Blade

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Clean Cut Blade® is located in Waterloo, Iowa and makes all their high quality replacement vinyl cutter blades in their local facility.  The Clean Cut Blade® 1.5mm 45° CB15U blade fits all Graphtec FC/CE series cutters that use the "Red top" 1.5mm blade holder.  They can also be used in the KNK Zing blade holders as a higher quality blade option.  The Clean Cut Blade® replacement vinyl cutter blades are made of high quality US carbide steel and are sharper than the OEM Graphtec-brand blades and will last up to twice as long...saving you money!

Since the blades are sharper, it is recommended that you do some test cuts prior to making final job cuts. In many instances, you may need to reduce the blade down pressure by as much as 10-20% to prevent backing sheet cut-through and blade breakage.

Recommended Blade Use:  Standard 2-3 mil thick calendered and cast vinyl films, standard heat transfer vinyl and similiar thin materials.

Vinyl Cutter Compatibility: All Graphtec models when using the "Red Top" blade holder, Sign Jet Pro, Nova Cut, Vinyl Express and KNK Zing

Optional blade springs sold separately.