New! Product ID Labels for all HTV and Adhesive Vinyl Products

New! Product ID Labels for all HTV and Adhesive Vinyl Products

24th Mar 2024

We are happy to announce a recent improvement to our vinyl product offering. We are now adding a product identification label to all heat transfer vinyl (HTV), adhesive vinyl (PSV), and other similar products. The new label is intended to help customers quickly identify products, particularly those that appear to be similar, or have been in storage for a period of time. The new ID labels will be added for all the brands that we carry including Siser, ThermoFlex, Oracal, Lumina, and more.

The new labels will include the product SKU, product name, product size, and color. The label also includes a QR code which takes users to the application instruction page on our website.

The label will be placed on the edge of the backing sheet side of all pre-cut sheets and by-the-foot short rolls. If multiple sheets are ordered of the same color and size, only the first sheet in the stack will contain the identification label. For longer rolls, the label will be placed on the inside of the cardboard tube.

The new product labels will not inhibit cutting or the heat press application process. They are not intended to be removed prior to use.

Customer feedback so far has been overwelmingly positive.

Shilo K. from Johnston, Iowa says:

"I just want to say thank you SO much for putting labels on all of the smaller cuts of vinyl that I recently ordered. Your company is my go-to for ordering due to quick shipping and now this gives me another reason to keep ordering from you. Having products already labeled when they arrive makes life so much easier; not to mention, sometimes it's hard to tell some products apart when you get them and you are left to guess. Thank you very much!"

Shari R. from Windham, NH says:

"I have been ordering from your company for many years. I just wanted to say how happy I was to receive my most recent order. Every piece that I ordered had the label on it saying what the item is. Perfect! I know orders in the past didn't always have that especially if it was an order for vinyl by the foot. It makes it so much easier to keep track of what I have on hand. I have items from old orders that I am not exactly sure what I have. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!"

If a customer decides that they do not want the labels added to their order, they may request it in the order comments section.

In conclusion, our new product ID labels were designed and added to help our customers identify and use our products as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Giving you more time to focus on more important aspects of your business or hobby.