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PowerTape: The Ultimate Solution for Reinforcing Banner Edges

PowerTape from Banner Ups is a single-sided, clear banner hem tape designed to reinforce the edges of your banners without the need for folding or sewing a hem. Made from an incredibly strong film, PowerTape simplifies the process of creating durable, professional-looking banners.

Banner Ups PowerTape Specifications and Benefits:

  • Roll size: 1.5" wide x 36 yards (108 feet) length
  • Color: Clear
  • Eliminates the need to fold a hem in the media, saving time and effort
  • Works seamlessly with Banner Up BravoTabs on the corners for added strength
  • Allows for easy hole punching through the tape, tabs, and vinyl banner
  • Creates banners that are stronger, faster, and easier to make compared to traditional methods
  • Reduces banner-making time from 20 minutes with regular double-sided tape to just 2-3 minutes
  • Enables you to create five times as many banners in the same amount of time

How to Use:

  1. Apply Banner Up BravoTabs on the corners of your banner
  2. Strip the PowerTape along the top and bottom edge of the back of the banner
  3. Punch holes through the tape, tabs, and media with a Banner Ups EZ or Power Punch

Experience the difference PowerTape can make in your banner-making process. Say goodbye to the hassle of folding hems and using ordinary double-sided banner hem tape. With PowerTape, you can create professional, long-lasting banners in a fraction of the time.

Upgrade your banner-making game with PowerTape – the ultimate solution for reinforcing banner edges.