Banner Ups BravoTabs - Clear Adhesive Grommet Tabs

Banner Ups by Budnick


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5 - 9 $3.30
10 - 24 $2.30
25 $1.90
SOLD PER SHEET. Each sheet contains 4 BravoTabs to finish the corners of 1 banner up to 6 feet in length. Longer banners require additional BravoTabs every 2-3 feet along the edges.
Factory sealed pack = 25 Sheets (100 BravoTabs)
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BravoTabs from Banner Ups are the perfect solution for finishing your banners with strength, clarity, and ease. These innovative tabs offer a superior alternative to traditional grommets and eyelets, providing a sleek, professional look while maintaining exceptional durability. The square shape of BravoTabs makes them ideal for use both at corners and along banner edges, offering a versatile "one size fits all" solution. Made from crystal clear material, BravoTabs allow your vibrant graphics to shine through, ensuring your message is always the focus.

Each sheet contains 4 BravoTabs to finish the corners of one banner up to 6 feet in length. For banners longer than 6 feet, we recommend adding BravoTabs along the banner edges about every 2-3 feet. Support materials like rope or bungee cords are not included.

BravoTab Features and Benefits:

  • Tab Size: 3 15/16″ x 1 7/8″
  • Crystal clear for clean, see-through appearance
  • Quick and easy installation: BravoTabs are faster to install than traditional grommets and eyelets, saving you time and money
  • Versatile design: The simple square shape works perfectly at corners and along edges
  • Cost-effective: With their simpler design and efficient installation, BravoTabs offer an economical solution for finishing your banners
  • Made in the USA