Rock-It Rhinestone Stencil Flock Roll - 12" Wide

SEF Americas

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Updated formula! Rock-It Rhinestone Stencil Flock from SEF is used to create hot-fix rhinestone templates.  Rock-It Rhinestone Flock is easy to cut on virtually any vinyl cutter or craft cutter on the market.  Simply cut your rhinestone stencil, apply it to a rhinestone backboard (or to itself), and brush in your rhinestones.  Rock-It Rhinestone templates can be used over-and-over again, saving you money and time. 

SEF Rock-It Rhinestone Stencil Flock Specifications:

  • Roll width: 12" with an acceptable variance of +/- .25"
  • Available roll lengths: 5-yards (15 ft), 10-yards (30 ft), 25-yards (75 ft), and 50-yards (150 ft)
  • Color: Coral
  • Flock thickness: Approximately 17 mils thick (22 mils including the backing paper). The old version was slightly thicker at 19 mils (25 mils including the backing paper).
  • Not for use with a laser cutter