UniNet iColor SmartCut Software


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With the UniNet iColor SmartCUT™ software you can now easily print oversized tabloid+ images with a letter or A4 sized printer such as the UniNet iColor® 500, 550 or 600 white toner laser printer.

With just a few simple steps, the UniNet iColor SmartCUT™ software will split an image into two, three or more sections based on the desired image size.  The software will choose the best split path(s) so the image can be printed on two or more letter/A4 sized transfer sheets.  Once the sheets are pressed onto the apparel, the result is a larger printed image where the seams are well hidden and undetectable.

UniNet iColor SmartCUT™ Software Specifications:

  • Runs on PCs and Macs
  • Supports  PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF image files
  • Works with most non-UniNet branded printers also
  • Includes a USB dongle that must be plugged in to your computer while using the software
  • If purchased at the same time as a UniNet printer, it will share a USB dongle with the ProRIP software
  • Software sales are final - no returns accepted
  • Ships directly from UniNet in NY

UniNet iColor SmartCUT™ free trial link and more information:

Ships directly from UniNet in NY.  Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.  This item is not returnable.