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Tee Square It! Alignment Tool

Price: $45.00
Product Highlights
  • Large, easy to read collar center plate
  • Longer center bar for larger presses
  • Rubber feet under collar for easy sliding
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The Tee Square It! alignment tool is the  easiest and most efficient way to properly align transfers for heat pressing onto garments.  Tee Square It! speeds up production time, placement accuracy and reduces losses due to mis-aligned transfers.   Tee Square It! (generation 3) is made from sturdy acrylic plastic.

Tee Square It! Features

Tee Square It! generation 3 offers a newly designed and easier to read collar plate.  Arrows mark the collar seam on both sides making it easier to see when using on a heat press.

Rubber feet under the top collar plate help raise the unit off the garment to enable the transfer sheet free movement underneath.

The horizontal width bar slides on top of the center T-bar to enable vertical movement.  Can easily be removed without disturbing the unit.

Tee Square It! Instructions

  1. Place the Tee Square It! on top of the garment and line up the vertical arrows on the top of the "T" to the side collar seams to ensure alignment at the top is correct. Center bar should automatically be centered.
  2. Place the horizontal width bar on top of center T-bar below the sleeves.  Make sure numbers on each side of width bar on garment are the same, thus ensuring the Tee Square It! is centered.
  3. Slide your transfer design under the Tee Square It! and determine the desired vertical placement.  Next, align each side of transfer equal distance from the center bar.  Slide width bar down to bottom of transfer to make sure transfer is parallel.