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We offer top-quality Roland, Graphtec and Silhouette vinyl cutter plotters. We also offer heat presses from Stahls Hotronix. We specialize in t-shirt and apparel decorating and offer the world's largest selection of heat applied vinyls from Chemica, Specialty Materials and Siser.

Hot Fix Rhinestones - Size SS06 - By the Ounce

Price: $20.00
Product Highlights
  • SS06 rhinestones measure between 1.9mm - 2.0mm in diameter.
  • There are approximately 12,000 rhinestones in a fluid ounce jar of SS06 rhinestones.
  • Shipped in reusable clear plastic jars of the appropriate size with screw on lids.
  • Low lead content.
Quantity Discount /
Qty. Price Price
  1    $20.00 $20.00
  2 - 3   $18.00 $18.00
  4 - 5   $17.00 $17.00
  6 - 11   $16.00 $16.00
  12+   $15.00 $15.00
Quantity discount pricing per ounce, per color. Discounts calculated from Crystal base price.
Full 1000 gross bag = 12 ounces.
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Add some Bling to your Heat Transfer Designs!

Our premium quality Korean hot fix rhinestones are offered in a variety of popular colors and sizes to add value and dazzle to your heat transfer designs.  The hot fix adhesive on the rhinestones is the strong green/grey glue that is preferred by rhinestone designers.  Use the rhinestones along with standard heat transfer vinyl, such as Siser EasyWeed, to make your tees really pop and stand out above your competitors.

Rhinestone Features:

  • SS06 rhinestones measure between 1.9mm - 2.0mm in diameter.
  • There are approximately 12,000 rhinestones in a fluid ounce jar of SS06 rhinestones.
  • Shipped in reusable clear plastic jars of the appropriate size with screw on lids.  Full 1000 gross bulk packs are available in bags only.
  • Low lead content.

Please Note: We offer our rhinestones by volume with the exception of the 1000 gross bulk Crystal bags.  We do not count or weigh the rhinestones. The rhinestone count per ounce listed above is an only an approximation and is not a guarantee.  When estimating rhinestone quantities needed for jobs, it is alway better to estimate high because the actual rhinestone count may be slightly higher or lower depending on slight rhinestone size variances, amount of hot fix glue applied, etc. When packing orders, we fill the container up to the fill line indicated on the jar. Please be aware that some product settling may occur during shipping and handling.  One gross = 144 rhinestones.

Click an image to view a close-up photo

Rhinestones Crystal 500
Crystal 500
Rhinestones Silver Hematite 535
Silver Hematite 535
Rhinestones Black Diamond-516
Black Diamond 516
Rhinestones Jet Black 517
Jet Black 517
Rhinestones Jet Hematite 520
Jet Hematite 520
Rhinestones Topaz 511
Topaz 511
Rhinestones Smokey Topaz 512
Smokey Topaz 512
Rhinestones Jonquil 509
Jonquil 509
Rhinestones Light Topaz 510
Light Topaz 510
Rhinestones Citrine 527
Citrine 527
Rhinestones Orange 505
Orange 505
Rhinestones Light Siam 504
Light Siam 504
Rhinestones Ruby 503
Ruby 503
Rhinestones Pink 525
Pink 525
Rhinestones Light Rose 533
Light Rose 533
Rhinestones Amethyst 502
Amethyst 502
Rhinestones Light Amethyst 501
Light Amethyst 501
Rhinestones Tanzanite 532
Tanzanite 532
Rhinestones Cobalt 508
Cobalt 508
Rhinestones Montana 528
Montana 528
Rhinestones Sapphire 507
Sapphire 507
Rhinestones Light Sapphire 506
Light Sapphire 506
Rhinestones Capri Blue 530
Capri Blue 530
Rhinestones Light Aquamarine 518
Light Aquamarine 518
Rhinestones Aquamarine 519
Aquamarine 519
Rhinestones Blue Zircon 536
Blue Zircon 536
Rhinestones Emerald 513
Emerald 513
Rhinestones Green 514
Green 514
Rhinestones Peridot 515
Peridot 515
AB (Aurora Borealis) Color Choices>
(AB styles have an iridescent quality that tend to reflect colors near them)
Click an image to view a close-up photo
Rhinestones AB Crystal 522AB
AB Crystal 522AB
Rhinestones AB Sapphire 507AB
AB Sapphire 507AB
Rhinestones AB Amthyst 502AB
AB Amethyst 502AB
Rhinestones AB Light Siam 504AB
AB Light Siam 504AB
Rhinestones AB Pink 525AB.jpg
AB Pink 525AB
Rhinestones AB Aquamarine 519AB
AB Aquamarine 519AB
Rhinestones AB Cobalt 508AB
AB Cobalt 508AB
Rhinestones AB Peridot 515AB
AB Peridot 515AB
Rhinestones AB Smokey Topaz 512AB
AB Smokey Topaz 512AB
Rhinestones AB Topaz 511AB
AB Topaz 511AB

The colors samples provided here may not be exact representations of the vinyl colors. Various factors such as monitor resolution, color settings and display type can all effect how the colors are viewed on the Internet.