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Forever Multi-Trans Hard Surface Laser Transfer Paper - 8.5" x 11"

SKU: FMT-8511-xxx
Price: $9.95 / Pack
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Forever Multi-Trans laser transfer paper for hard surfaces is a self-weeding paper for use with most CMYK and CMYW (white toner) LED laser printers.  Prints made with Forever Multi-Trans laser transfer paper can be applied to almost any hard surface that you can fit under your heat press and that can withstand pressing temperatures of up to 300°F.  Mug prints are dishwasher friendly too!

Forever Multi-Trans Laser Transfer Paper can be applied to the following materials:

Mugs, plates, glassware, magnetic vinyls, wood, place mats, tiles, mirrors, acrylic glass, metal, nylon and more.

Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11" in packs of 10, 50 and 100.

Product Notes:

  • If you are printing with a CMYK printer (no white toner) application should be limited to light colored substrates.
  • We encourage our customers to purchase a small quantity for testing prior to going into production.
  • This product has a 1-year shelf life.  Please store sheets in a zip-lock bag away from excessive heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • Click on the "Application" tab to review or print the application instructions.  In our efforts to be more "green", printed instructions are not sent with the product.