FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) - 11" x 17" - 50 Pack

SKU: FLD-1117-50

Now available in a 50-pack containing 50 A & B sheet sets.

FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) transfer paper is a White-opaque transfer paper for printing onto dark colored textiles, leather and denim etc. FOREVER Laser-Dark is suitable for the new generation of color copiers and color laser printers with a higher fusing temperature as well as for machines with silicone oil fusing!

Designed specifically for the OKI line of white toner and CMYK laser printers, FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) transfer paper uses a unique A & B sheet system that produces vibrant and consistent results.  In addition, they are self-weeding so there is never a need to manually trim away waste material or contour cut the image with a vinyl cutter.  The results are so good that a complete apparel printing business can be built around an OKI white toner laser printer and FOREVER laser transfer papers.

FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) transfer papers can be applied to a wide variety of materials including cotton, polyester, blends, polypropylene, paper, leather, nylon and book covers.

Laser Printer Compatibility

FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) transfer papers were designed from the ground up to work with OKI white toner and CMYK laser printers.  They may work with other brand laser printers also but testing will be required to make sure that the results are acceptable prior to going into production.  Many laser printers operate too hot (>350°F) for the FOREVER transfer papers.  Check with your printer's manufacturer for operating specifications.

Wait 24 hours before first wash, Turn shirt inside out, Machine wash warm with mild detergent, Dry at normal setting, No chlorine bleach, Do not dry clean

Note: Because of the wide variety of fabrics and garment manufacturers that exist, we highly recommend that this product be fully tested prior to going into production.